Paris time (CET) - June 22

10h00 – 15h00

San Francisco time (PST) - June 22

09:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.

Tokyo time (JST) - June 23

02:00 p.m. - 07:00 p.m.


June 22/23 2021





About the event

The semiconductor industry has become vital for the success of the global economy. Its technologies are everywhere: from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, and quantum computing. Hardware developments are the building blocks to make these technologies low-cost, low power and sustainable.

Hardware is definitively back, so join us to unveil the keys that the semiconductor industry willleverage.

Hear from CEOs, executives and decision makers to understand this next turning point, howthe world is changing and answering the huge demand for smart electronics that meet ourdaily lives everywhere.


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June 22/23,  2021

1.5 hours

Plenary Session 
Event Chairman: CEA-Leti, Michael TchagaspanianRead the abstract
  • Know-how is an enabler of the ongoing transformation towards more efficient solutions, in line with the expectation of stakeholders in terms of environmental impact.
    Personal Electronics, as well as automotive products and Microcontrollers, are the main factors that contribute to our results

    Jean-Marc CHERY, President & CEO of STMicroelectronics

  • IDM 2.0 is the Powerful Combination of Intel’s Internal Factory Network, Third-party Capacity and New Intel Foundry Services

    Ann B. KELLEHER, SVP & GM of Technology Development at Intel Corporation

  • Analysis of semiconductor supply chain risks and recommendations on strengthening industry resiliency, get the keys to understand the next changes

    Ajit MANOCHA, President & CEO of SEMI

  • Innovation is the mother of the future world, this means innovation in hardware is the masterpiece of the game. It paves the way for the evolution of the algorithm and the next generation of systems. Not only is hardware making a comeback, but it is a game changer

    Emmanuel SABONNADIERE, CEO of CEA-Leti

2 hours

Exhibition & Business Meetings
Join the virtual exhibition space to discover what's coming on the market. Discover 30 demos and partners dedicaded session (Soitec, Intel, Weebitnano), network with potential partners.

Book online business meetings to discuss your innovation projects with experts.

1.5 hours

Advanced Sensing Workshop
Advanced smart sensing with multi-physics transducer

Chairman: CEA-Leti, Swan Gerome

Read the abstract
  • Multi-Sensor Platform Based on Nano-Gauge Detection: an Innovative, Highly Efficient MEMS Technology for High-Performance Inertial and Pressure Sensors, CEA-Leti, Philippe Robert

  • A Sub μW Time-Domain Event-Based Wake-Up Sensor for VAD Applications, CEA-Leti, Franck Badets & Emmanuel Hardy

  • Immutable MEMS: Robustness and Longevity of Sensors in High Reliable Applications, NXP, Dave Monk

  • Wearables for emotion monitoring, CEA-Leti, Olivier Fuchs

  • Sensors, actuators and Artificial Intelligence for emotionally intelligent systems, CEA-Leti, Christelle Godin

  • Cockpit of the Future: Human-Centric Sensing Approach, Faurecia, Omar Ben Abdelaziz
Computing Workshop
Toward the era of frugal and efficient computing

Chairman: CEA-Leti, Thomas Signamarcheix

Read the abstract
  • Semiconductors, Innovation Engine for Artificial Intelligence, CEA-Leti, Elisa Vianello

  • Hardware Solutions for Frugal AI Devices, CEA-List, Alexandre Valentian

  • Efficient AI Acceleration: A Full-Stack Approach, IBM, Jeffrey L. Burns

  • Quantum Computing Strategies and Metrics, CNRS, Tristan Meunier

  • Control Architecture and Circuits for Cryogenic Qubits, CEA-List, Yvain Thonnart

  • Large-Scale Characterization of Quantum Devices, CEA-Leti, Pierre-André Mortemousque

  • Quantum computing: application and challenges for near-term, ATOS, Philippe Duluc
Wireless Communication Workshop
Higher Frequencies and higher throughput

Chairman: CEA-Leti, Eric Mercier

Read the abstract
  • D-band for Wireless Links: Opportunities, Challenges and Recent Results, CEA-Leti, José-Luis Gonzalez-Jimenez

  • Advanced Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for mmWave and Sub-THz, CEA-Leti, Antonio Clemente

  • High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Modules, CEA-Leti, Alexandre Giry

  • Laying the Groundwork for 6G Communications, GlobalFoundries, Peter Gammel

  • Localization and Sensing Through Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Benefits and Challenges, CEA-Leti, Benoît Denis

  • Beyond GNSS, CEA-Leti, Christophe Villien

  • How wireless connectivity is accelerating digitization of Electric Distribution domain, Schneider Electric, Emmanuel Dreina

  • Super High-Speed Optical Communications on microLED, CEA-Leti, Luc Maret

  • 5G Millimeter-Wave: What’s Next for Access and Backhaul? How Network Simulation Automation Can Accelerate 5G Densification with Scalable IAB (Integrated Access Backhaul) and Fiber Deployments, Siradel/ENGIE, Sylvain Aubin

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